Brad Hompe -Adapting to Change

In any field, it is important to be able to adapt to change. Change is the only thing constant in life and if one cannot adapt, they cannot survive let alone thrive. Brad Hompe understands this concept and in that he learned how to embrace and enjoy change as it comes into play both in his personal life as well as in his occupational life. The prison and jail system is one that has a plethora of moving parts and therefore any change installed can be difficult to implement. Brad Hompe has worked hard to be good at the process of implementing change as well as the process of training said change to current and new employees.

Adaptation is also an incredibly important skill when it comes to the prison and jail sector. Things can change in an instant which will require quick and sound thinking. This is something that Brad Hompe has not only become quite good at himself, it is something he teaches to others. He has had experience in this kind of training as well as suicide prevention and post-incident action reviews. Being able to look at problems and then work to fix them for the future is something he is passionate about and being able to bring that attitude to every position he has held has made Brad Hompe motivated to always be pushing for better processes in his work place and actively embracing any change that comes along.